Appfigurate™ 3

Appfigurate is a platform that allows you to change local configuration properties in Android, iOS, watchOS and mobile Flutter apps and app extensions, securely, at runtime.

Do your Xcode and Android Studio projects suffer from slow compilation and deployment times? Speed up development and testing by removing the edit‣compile‣deploy cycle, when you just need to change your apps local configuration properties.

Multiple test environments? Reduce your Xcode and Android Studio projects complexity by removing custom build schemes and flavors. Build, deploy and test just one app across multiple test regions.

Currently v3.1.2

Simple integration

You can integrate the free SDKs into your codebase in as little as 5 minutes. You'll be configuring your app in no time.

Simple to integrate

One static XCFramework, AAR library or Flutter plugin to link into your app. Generate your configuration subclass template using Appfigurate Simulator. Manual integration, CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager, Gradle compatible.


Compatible with Xcode (Objective-C and Swift); Android Studio (Kotlin, Java, Dart); Visual Studio Code (Dart).

App Store and Play Store safe

Release your apps with confidence, our libraries use only App Store and Play Store safe public APIs.

Secure runtime configuration

Sleep easy. Only you can apply configuration payloads to your apps.

No network connection required

Appfigurate doesn't require a network connection, and it doesn't store your secrets in the cloud.

Digitally signed configuration payloads

Appfigurate uses digital signatures to sign and verify configuration payloads. (2048-bit RSA with SHA256)

Advanced functionality

Custom action methods

Execute custom action methods to go beyond basic property manipulation.

Encrypted strings

Safely embed sensitive information such as server URLs into your app with our encrypted strings feature.

Configure UI automation tests

Apply configuration to your iOS or Android app when running UI automation tests. XCUITest and Espresso compatible.

Extension support

Change the configuration of any embedded app extension (Action, Keyboard, Intent, Photo Editing, VPN, Share, Today...)