The following constants are available globally.

  • NSException thrown in the following scenarios in order to terminate the app when a fatal error occurs:

    • Invalid list values found not conforming to regex.
    • Invalid APLKeychainAccessibility value ‘%@’ in Info.plist.
    • Invalid configuration after reset method.
    • APLConfiguration subclass not found.
    • Missing APLConfigurationClass value in Info.plist
    • Invalid APLConfigurationClass value ‘%@’ in Info.plist. Module names are not permitted.
    • Invalid APLConfigurationClass value ‘%@’ in Info.plist. Class could not be instantiated.
    • Missing application launch scheme CFBundleURLName/CFBundleURLSchemes in Info.plist.
    • Invalid APLLogging value ‘%@’ in Info.plist.
    • APLInstallDelegateMethods value in Info.plist is no longer required as Appfigurate Library no longer supports swizzling UIApplicationDelegate or WKExtensionDelegate.



    extern NSString *_Nonnull AppfigurateLibraryException